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Sara's Review: Angel 6.0: Escape (Angel 6.0 #2) by Travis Luedke


PUBLISHER: self-published

RELEASED: April 21st 2015

GENRE: scifi, romance, space opera

LENGTH: 108 pages

FORMAT: ebook, audible







My name is Angel, I've been stolen across the galaxy by the Gran, a fierce race of alien Cats. The Captain of the Gran knows my secrets – I'm the product of illegal genome experiments to perfect the human race. He exploits my special qualities when I serve as his concubine. When I'm not serving the Captain, I fulfill his wishes. He ordered me to breed or die, so I breed, constantly. Or I try to. Jason, my fellow captive and lover, is my anchor to sanity. Unfortunately Jason doesn't know my secrets. He considers clones an abomination. I fear the day my lover helps us escape as he's promised. I fear he'll reject me if he learns of my deceit. I pray to a universe that has never shown me favor, I pray our love can survive our escape.


I have long said that I love a strong independent woman in my literature and Angel 6.0 isn’t really that. She has all the physical attributes of being strong yet emotionally she isn’t.

“Yet again I had pinned my world on the life of another. Now I was lost with the loss of him.”

Luedke could have done so much with her but he made her into a weak-willed woman who needs a man to be complete. Oh, and she is a bit of a nympho. The nympho part is fun to read however I am not too keen on her neediness.

“…I had focused my life, energy, and attention on another human being…..A man who would probably die when I needed him most.”

The action sequence in the story was cool and Angel can be downright kickass. Her grasping on to any man to complete her and not realizing her self-worth was driving me batty. Hopefully, that is rectified in future stories.

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