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Lissa's Review: Zombies vs Aliens (Z vs A #1) by Kristin Jacques


PUBLISHER: Kristin Jacques

RELEASED: June 2, 2016

GENRE: scifi, post apocalyptic

LENGTH: 202 pages

FORMAT: ebook, paperback







The zombie apocalypse has come and gone, the world has ended, and humanity has crumbled. But nobody told the aliens. And it seems that alien brains have some interesting side effects on the ravenous undead. Just ask zombie Li, who “wakes up” after a quick bite. The world is a wasteland, she's a walking corpse, and her "snack" has just melted into a noxious puddle of goo. She’s had better days. But she won’t go through the rest of her undead life alone. As Li hits the road to figure out what happened, the end of the world brings her strange company, and even stranger enemies. The aliens are coming back, and it's going to take more than a handful of quirky zombies to stop them. She's going to need some serious fire power—like the remnants of the human race. If she can find them.


Zombies vs. Aliens is exactly as it sounds. Zombies against Aliens and I know it sounds silly. But really, it’s really awesome!

Li is a zombie, who chomps on some Alien goo. And bam she turns back to her almost self. Along the way, she finds some friends. Now, I’m not going to go into detail and tell you what happens. But honestly, I’m a Zombie fan. If anyone reads this blog, would know this. I’m all about that life. So when this came to me as a recommendation. I couldn’t help myself.

I have never read any books by this author. And the writing was great. It had the right amount of gore and action. You would think, it’s just going to be this silly story. Zombies vs Aliens? really? but it really is great. It’s also a fun read and easy to get through. The sarcasm and witty comebacks, really balance everything out.

I highly enjoyed this story. Overall, I give this story Four Boundless Stars. Can’t wait to for #2.

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