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Sara's Review: Trapped With A Monster by Daniella Wright

Kindle Unlimited


Released: December 30, 2016

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Length: 49 Pages

Format: ebook

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A Steamy Alien Romance

Macie My name is Dr. Macie Larkson and I’m the only human left alive in my town. Because of our corrupt President making a stupid decision, Earth is now in all out war with a neighboring planet, Toria, and at the current moment, we’re losing the battle.

Scared of being found, I spend my days hiding in an underground shelter below my clinic, alone, but safe. But that all changes when I fall for a Torian warrior. He’s bold, cocky, and drives me mad with both passion and anger. Only problem is, we’re enemies from two different worlds, literally. Xanrun I’m a Torian warrior who will stop at nothing until I have gained revenge on everyone who had a part in destroying my planet’s capital. But when I realize the errors of my people’s ways, I make a stand and find myself injured and near death. When my Angel finds me, I realize that revenge isn’t the only thing at stake now. Love is.

But can a human and an alien truly find happiness during an invasion?

Three Boundless Stars

This had a cute concept and I love my aliens but there are few things that bugged me. One, the alien in the story isn’t blue. Not that it really matter but it bugs me when the story doesn’t even try to match the cover. The second thing that really stood out was the typos. I’m not talking grammar, because I am by no means a grammar Nazi. I’m talking straight typos. I’m reading along then I have to figure out what Wright meant to say instead of what she typed, so frustrating, and it happened a lot, especially toward the end of the story. For such a short story it should not have had so many.

Trapped With A Monster is a quick cute read that I enjoyed. There is room for the author to expand on this short story and this world and I would be interested. She just need to do more proof reading/editing before she goes to press.

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