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Sara's Review: Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1) by Nicole Archer


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PUBLISHER: Twist Idea Lab, LLC

RELEASED: August 1st 2016

GENRE: contemporary Romance, humor

LENGTH: 330 pages

FORMAT: ebook, paperback





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What’s worse than driving a phallic-shaped RV across the country with a coworker you hate? Falling in love with them. Copywriter Callie Murphy has a bad attitude, a vicious tongue, and a serious aversion to Shimura Advertising’s resident manwhore, Walker Rhodes. Know where he can stick his good looks and Southern charm? She can think of a few creative places. Avoiding him wouldn’t be a problem, except her boss threatens to fire her if she doesn’t go along with him on their RV client’s cross-country tour. Burnt-out art director, Walker, is sick of his job, tired of women, and in a big old creative rut. The upcoming client road trip is just what he needs to shake things up and rediscover his lost passion. But his plans go south when his partner drops out at the last minute, and Callie, the foul-mouthed tiny terror, takes her place. Unless he can find a way to thaw his icy coworker, he’s looking at two months of pure hell. On the road, they experience one hilarious misadventure after another and soon find themselves on a life-changing journey. But when their paths veer off in different directions, will they hit a dead end? Road-Tripped is a stand-alone novel and the first book in the Ad Agency Series. Note: If you are offended by foul language and erotic content, please don't read. Not meant for readers under 18. This edition has been updated to a second edition on 9/11/2016, updating typos


This story had me running the gambit of emotions, from laughter and joy to anger and sadness. It even brought a tear to my eye a few times. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, anytime a story can bring me to tears no matter how small those tears, it’s a great story. So why only a 4.5? Well, as much as I liked the story and loved the characters. The puns and one liners got on my nerves, they stopped being funny and cute and were just annoying. Unfortunately, the book is loaded with them, fortunately the story more than makes up for it.

This was a story of two people who pretty much despise each other but find equal ground. Form a deep friendship, that of course turns into love on the open road. It’s loaded with a lot of adult language and sex, so by no means is this a PG book. However, it was charming and sweet and yes it could be very funny at times, although I don’t think as funny as the author intended.

Callie who is extremely acerbic is still so likable and it is hard not to fall fast for this tough little firecracker. Then there is Walker, who has the sweet southern charm. I am surprised Callie held out as long as she did. Their story was perfect and I really enjoyed watching their love blossom, seeing what their next adventure was, and watch hate turn to love.

“He made life luminous.”

That was the best line of the book, and the perfect example of how your true love should make you feel.

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