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Sara's Review: Fire Planet Warrior's Captive by Calista Skye

Kindle Unlimited


Released: November 23, 2016

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Length: 179 pages

Format: ebook, audiobook

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Harper Evans always wanted to go to space. Abducted by creepy aliens, and then crash landing on the planet that everyone just calls the Fire Planet? Not what she had in mind. Her only company is an insanely hot alien barbarian warrior who doesn't speak English, but who seems to have a thing for Harper. Because he keeps the worst of the lethal predators on the planet away from her while they're running. Running from a huge, ferocious wildfire that's catching up with them fast. The super confident barbarian has some extremely interesting features to his body, and he turns Harper on like no one else ever has. It's just that he clearly thinks she's his captive. And Harper doesn't mind that as much as she probably should... Fire Planet Warrior's Captive is a standalone science-fiction romance novel starring a feisty space colonist and a sensationally hot alien warrior with hidden talents. Expect steamy scenes, funny lines, alien royals, lethal enemies and the barrier-breaking love between a BBW from Earth and an alien barbarian who's convinced that he has finally found his Fated Mate. Full-length romance novel with no cliffhangers and a happy-ever-after ending!

Three Boundless Stars

The imagery in the story is stunning and at time I really felt what the characters were seeing and feeling. Being trapped on a planet that was engulfed by flames, the terrain and wildlife savage and merciless. The issue I had with the story is I didn’t feel the urgency or really anything towards the characters. I never truly connected with them. I think it was because we were never really given much backstory or anything truly real that makes the reader or at least me connect.

Overall the story was good, I would have loved to see more depth to the characters but Skye has her imagery and world building down!

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