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Sara's Review: Alien Mine (Zerconian Warriors #7) by Sadie Carter

Kindle Unlimited


Released: August, 30 2016

Genre: Erotica, Science Fiction

Length: 196 pages

Format: ebook

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She was his mate. He hadn’t touched her. Had barely spoken to her. But the moment Thor saw her he had known. She was his. But there was something in her eyes that warned him to go slow. That old demons still held her in their grasp. It would take time and patience to convince her that they were meant to be together. Unfortunately, he had neither on his side. Lucy couldn’t stop thinking about the sexy, alpha healer with the gorgeous smile. His lips, his hands, his eyes…hell, she had it bad. But she had learned the hard way not to trust men. No matter how kind and protective he appeared, once he learned her secret he would either find her repulsive, or he would want to use her. She wasn’t certain which was worse. Please note: While it is not necessary to read the whole series to enjoy Alien Mine, it is advisable to read Alien Morsels first. Other books in series: Alien Warrior Alien Lover Alien Mate Sweet Alien Savage Alien Savior Alien Morsels Alien Mine

2.5 (Three) Boundless Stars

I had a harder time getting fully involved with this story as I have with the others. I think mainly because I didn’t find it as funny. I only chuckled a few time in the beginning and then nothing. The story has a more serious tone. It wasn’t bad just not what I was expecting or use to with this series and frankly not what I was in the mood for. I was looking for funny and light and just didn’t get it this go around. I am thinking had I been in a different head space I would have enjoyed it more, but as it stands with me I am giving it 2.5 stars, it was OK but for me it needed more comedy.

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