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Stormi's Review: Wrath (Wolf Land #4) by Fiona McShane

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited


Released: December 15, 2016

Genre: Historical Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: 240 Pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Killing a Lord was just the beginning ... All that Sorcha and the werewolves want to do is find a place to call home. Their numbers are reduced. They are injured, grieving, and exhausted. But in the New World, they have a new Lord to worry about. When Sorcha dreams of a town called Hope Streams, and a young girl accused of witchcraft, the pack know what they ought to do: run very far and very fast in the opposite direction. There is a Lord at work in Hope Streams, and the whole town lives in fear. But if they choose to help the people, the pack could lose far more than they know ...

Five Boundless Stars

The wolves are in America after the fall of their beloved Wolf Wood. They feel fear every day as they continuously move. Sorcha is back with her protection and Rory is back as the leader of the pack. Together, they along with the other pack wolves, must continue to stay alive and await whatever may befall them. While on their journey, they meet Ida and Jed. Ida is being controlled by lords and servants and Jed is a young wolf. Together the pack must come together to save these young people. This book was the best one yet! I absolutely loved the action and the romance from Sorcha and Rory and Cara and Henry. This book had great writing and I absolutely loved it. Each book in this series brings a little more life to each character and the pack. Each book gets better in writing and description. Like I said this was the best one yet.

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