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Stormi's Review: Times Like These by E.E. Smith

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Phoenix International, Inc

Released: April 4, 2012

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

Length: 208 pages

Format: ebook, Hardback

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“Times like these are about as unpredictable as boardinghouse stew!” says Teddy Soberjowski in the author’s pervious book, Boardinghouse Stew. The year was 1943, midway through World War II, when no one knew what would happen next. Two years later, the times are even less predictable for the young heroine of Times Like These, on her way to a new home and an uncertain future with her volatile parents.

The war rages on in the Pacific, amid heavy casualties. Harry Truman is now president and secretly considering the use of a horrific new weapon to force Japan to surrender.

What would happen next?

Five Boundless Stars

After reading the previous book Boardinghouse Stew and then reading the preface for this book, I was ready to jump right in and read this one. Evelyn, or Eileen as I will forever know her, travels alone when her family moves from California to Nevada. She soon finds herself stuck in a small town with no one her age. She finds herself in trouble repeatedly. She soon finds out that life will send blow after blow of bad luck. Then when things go from bad to worse she finds herself in Iowa, living with her Aunt and Uncle. Soon enough she finds out that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and something that seems horrible at the time can be the biggest blessing of all. This book was good, it was about a family that faces troubles around every corner. As a young girl, you can only "make the best of things". This book shows a young girl grow into a young woman. She is bounced around like a plastic bag in the wind, but along her journey she helps others, helps herself, and finds a better life than she ever expected. I really enjoyed this story. I have really grown fond of Evelyn. She is wild and carefree. She is smart and kind hearted. The fact that all these adventures are somewhat true, makes me enjoy the book even more. The pictures add to the history and realness of the story and it makes a great book for a history lover like myself.

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