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Stormi's Review: Thandi's Love by Angel Strong

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Angel Strong

Released: September 30, 2016

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: 309 Pages

Format: ebook, paperbacks

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Set in the South during the mid 1800's Thandi's Love explores the life of cotton plantation owner Tom Lexington. After a particularly generous yield, he asks his Aunt Lacey to send additional servants to help with the harvest. Tom is delighted that his good friends Thandi and Isaac will be coming to stay, the sibling servants he grew up with as a child. He welcomes them with open arms and has them stay in the mansions guestrooms. However, his frightfully horrific wife Anna soon puts a stop to that saying she will not have slaves staying in the house, which marks the beginning of her callous ways. Following a terrible row between Tom and Anna, Thandi and Tom find themselves alone in the beautifully kept gardens. Soon tender moments lead to passionate lovemaking. With suspicions mounting, Daniel Stafford, Anna's father, instructs Tom to stay away from Thandi. He also reminds Tom of the past deals struck between them, and that all the plantation's slaves rightfully belong to him. Stafford takes Anna home for a break, and in their absence he sends his associate Victor to keep an eye on affairs,who in which instantly takes a keen liking to Thandi. With news that his beloved Aunt is dying,Toms pays her a visit and learns a shocking piece of news concerning himself and Thandi. Slowly the facts are revealed. Not only facts of the here and now, but also deep dark secrets from the past... Will Thandi and Tom end up in each others arms? Will Anna and Stafford fight them to the bitter end? ... Or will Thandi succumb to the charms of another? Step back in time and take a journey through undeniable love, forever friendships, selfless sacrifices, and unforgettable breathtaking moments that will leave you yearning for more...

Four Boundless Stars

Slavery at one time was a horrible realization in our world. Blacks and whites could not mix and certainly not fall in love. This story tells of a gentle slave owner and a forbidden love. Tom is a man like no other, he cared for his slaves deeply. When his childhood playmates come to his plantation to help with the harvest he soon finds himself in love. Thandi was a dear friend of Tom's along with her brother Isaac. Yes, she is mulatto (mix of black and white). Soon after a romance begins and truths come to light the lives of these people will never be the same. Victor Richmond comes to the rescue when Thandi is in danger and with him she finds a life she never expected. If I had to rate this book on the story alone it would be rated a 5. I have to look at the book as a whole though, so I have to rate it lower due to grammar, punctuation, and other writing issues. Honestly, the story was a great one. It really kept me interested and I loved it. The characters were real and colorful and many were easy to love while others were very easy to dislike. The ending was simply awesome. The writing was where I found the most fault. I got this book on Kindle Unlimited and so I assume it's a finished version. Grammar and punctuation mistakes are found on just about every page. Usually if I see one or two mistakes, I can ignore them, but this book is in need of editing. If you can look past the grammatical issues the story is well worth the read. It has history, romance, and drama. It is an enthralling story from the very first page.

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