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Beth's Review: Shifter: Alpha Claim 1 by Tamara Rose Blodgett & Marata Eros

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Tamara Rose Blodgett

Released: August 19, 2016

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance

Length: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Narrator: Holly Elise

Format: ebook, audiobook

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Tamara Website | Marata Website

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Two New York Times bestselling author styles come together for Dark Paranormal Romance + Urban Fantasy = a yummy Brief Bites novelette.

Can a woman find two Alpha soul mates in one lifetime? ★★★bonus novels included★★★ Talyn Phisher is a counselor in a world that has been turned on its ear by an unthinkable discovery: vampires roam among humans. If all this upheaval was not enough, Talyn's body is changing. Signs that something is seriously wrong plague her. Having been told she's barren and there's no hope—Talyn still longs for a family of her own, though the stories she hears from clients tell her happiness is a long shot. Talyn wants that shot. She yearns for a man who will put her first—for who she is. Until a stalker's pursuit threatens everything close to Talyn's heart. When Talyn feels her life is in imminent danger, she reaches out in desperation to the Final Enforcement, an elite, fringe group of the police who do more than take the law into their own hands. Only to discover Talyn isn't what she thinks she is. And neither is the one who stalks her. Shifter is 54+ pages/13,600 words, and is the first volume of six episodic novelettes in the ALPHA CLAIM serial.

Three Boundless Stars

I enjoyed the story but really had a hard time getting around the narration. The story was a well written love story with well-developed characters and great twists throughout.

I enjoyed the story and give it 5 stars, but the narration is a generous 1 star. Overall; I rate Shifter Alpha Claim audio book with 3 Boundless Star book. I recommend the paperback or e-book to others readers; anything but audio and you will enjoy the book much more than I.

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