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Stormi's Review: No More Illusions . . . A Mystery by Daniel Babka


PUBLISHER: Blue Squirrel Press

RELEASED: July 30th 2014

GENRE: Mystery, thriller, suspense

LENGTH: 410 pages

FORMAT: ebook, paperback



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No More Illusions is a contemporary California noir literary mystery packed full of morality and temptation with a sensitive, complex hero whose romance and notions of right & wrong are put to the test. Named one of IndieReaders "Best Books of 2014" - 5 Stars. . ."Written in the style of Elmore Leonard," says the San Francisco Book Review . . . "Accomplished, ambitious, crime fiction with shades of California noir à la Chinatown," says Kirkus Reviews. 43 year old detective, Dylan Blake, sets a chain of events in motion that unearth a family's secrets about murder and the way morality can be made to bend as the story moves back & forth between Big Sur, Northern California, and Utah.


Blake is on the case when a man comes up dead. At first it seems like just an accident, but the more he digs into the man's history, the more the death seems suspicious. Is his ex-business partner involved? How about her ex-husband? Its anyones guess! I hate to give bad reviews, but this book was just ok. The storyline itself was a good one, but this book lacked a fundamental thing... feeling. A lot of crazy stuff happens in this book that the reader should get some bit of feeling about. In most books I read I can feel the danger, I can feel the sadness. This book lacked this.

I couldn't get into the book because it just didn't grab me. It was just words on a page. All the crazy things that happened should have left some feeling in me, but it just didn't. Like I said, the storyline was good. I liked the characters, but the descriptive side was lacking.

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