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Sara's Review: Vengeance in Death: In Death, Book 6 by J. D. Robb


Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Released: May 20, 2008

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: 11 hours and 19 minutes

Narrator: Susan Ericksen

Format: ebook, Hardcover, paperback, audiobook

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In this In Death novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author J. D. Robb, Lieutenant Eve Dallas learns that when technology links the law and the lawless, predators and prey can become one and the same… He is an expert with the latest technology...a madman with the mind of a genius and the heart of a killer. He quietly stalks his prey. Then he haunts the police with cryptic riddles about the crimes he is about to commit—always solved moments too late to save his victims' lives. Police lieutenant Eve Dallas found the first victim butchered in his own home. The second lost his life in a vacant luxury apartment. The two men had little in common. Both suffered unspeakable torture before their deaths. And both had ties to an ugly secret of ten years past—a secret shared by none other than Eve's new husband, Roarke.

Five Boundless Stars

I wasn’t sure how I was going to rate this one because for the first time Eve’s integrity wasn’t impeccable. Roarke has affected her world so completely that she is choosing her husband over the law. At the beginning of the series I didn’t think that would ever be possible. But, all characters need to grow and develop and I like that Eve has developed this relationship with Roarke. This series wouldn’t be what it is without it.

Eve was put through her paces this go round trying to catch a killer at the same time protecting Roarke. It was a bit hypocritical yet justice isn’t always served the way it should be.

Vengeance is the first novel in the series that I did not know or guess who the bad guy was. I had no clue and I loved that. It is so much better when I don’t know. So even though I didn’t like that Eve’s integrity was compromised I still loved every minute of the book. Only 39 more to go….I think……….

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