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Stormi's Review: Highland Intrigue (Duncurra Book Book 3) by Ceci Giltenan

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Duncurra LLC

Released: October 24, 2014

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: 268 pages

Format: ebook, paperback, audiobook

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Lady Gillian MacLennan's clan needs a leader, but the last person on earth she wants as their laird is Fingal Maclan. She can neither forgive nor forget that his mother killed her father, and, by doing so, created Clan MacLennan’s current desperate circumstances. King David knows a weak clan, without a laird, can change quickly from a simple annoyance to a dangerous liability, and he cannot ignore the turmoil. The MacIan’s owe him a great debt, so when he makes Fingal MacIan laird of clan MacLennan and requires that he marry Lady Gillian, Fingal is in no position to refuse. In spite of the challenge, Fingal is confident he can rebuild her clan, ease her heartache and win her affection. However, just as love awakens, the power struggle takes a deadly turn. Can he protect her from the unknown long enough to uncover the plot against them? Or will all be lost, destroying the happiness they seek in each other’s arms? Highland Courage is a romance about a married couple and thus contains several mildly explicit love scenes, as one might expect to occur in married life. If you want more steam than that, you might be disappointed. If you prefer to stay out of the bedroom this title is available in an Inspirational version.

Five Boundless Stars

Fingal MacIan has been commanded by the King to become Laird of Brathanead. His birth father, Malcolm, had deceived the MacIan clan and for years had kept the secret that he was really Fingal's birth father. Now, Brathanead is under a woman's leadership and the clan is falling apart. Gillian MacLennan, the current Leader of the clan is in no way prepared to care for her clan alone. When the King orders her to marry Fingal she is less than thrilled at the prospect, but to help the people of her clan she accepts. Bitter memories of her father's death at the hands of Fingal's mother causes her to hate him. They enter into marriage as a business deal, not for love. Will they be able to get past all the past hurts and make a good life and marriage that will help their clan be great again? Soon Gillian falls ill and bad things keep happening to Fingal. Someone unknown is trying to cause them both harm or worse...death. The truth quickly comes to light. I was really glad to read about Fingal's side of the story. You originally meet him in Book 1 of the Duncurra series and he was a great character. I had hoped one of these books to follow would contain his story. Overall this book was awesome. Fingal and Gillian have both been hurt in the past by people they love and trust. They form a union for their people and become a great set of leaders together. I really enjoyed this story. From the ashes comes a love that is just amazing. This book was written very well and I enjoyed it. It had the drama, romance, and action that I have come to love and expect in books by Ceci Giltenan. Overall, this was an awesome read.

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