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Stormi's Review: Catarina's Ring: A Novel by Lisa McGuinness


Publisher: Bonhomie Press

Released: October 19, 2015

Genre: Historical Fiction

Length: 375

Format: ebook, paperback

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The New York Times best-selling author Lisa McGuinness interweaves the stories of four generations of strong, vibrant women and has created characters both idiosyncratic and adventuresome. Born at the end of the Nineteenth Century and nestled in South Western Italy, Catarina Pensbene’s life in Perdifumo is full of sun-drenched olive orchards, lush grape vines, delicious peasant food, family and love. Because of an unexpected plunge into an untenable situation, Catarina decides to take a huge risk to become a mail order bride and sets out across the ocean. Interwoven with Catarina’s, is the story is of her witty and self-deprecating granddaughter, Juliette Brice. Born and raised in Northern California, Juliette experiences an unfortunate tragedy that serves as the impetus for her to shake up her life, and travel to her grandmother’s homeland, where she enrolls in a six-month cooking class in Lucca, Italy. While abroad, Julliette becomes romantically involved with a handsome Italian man, yet her own destiny dictates she is to return to California once her class ends. Through her attention to detail and employing both historically accurate and thoroughly modern storytelling, Catarina's Ring serves up Italian delicacies, luminous characters, a delicious escape and completely inspiring storytelling.

Five Boundless Stars

The year is 1913, Catarina is sent to America to marry a man she doesn't really know after an incident with her employer. A new country, an old flame, and a new husband are awaiting her on an amazing journey. Years later you meet her granddaughter Juliette, who after the sudden and tragic death of her mother, heads to Italy for a cooking class. Soon she finds herself on her own journey filled with lots of hurt and a new beginning to her dream of owning her own cafe. Together, their stories collide into one great story of tragedy, romance, and healing. I was very surprised at this book. I started it and fell in love quickly. It is written so well. It is easy to imagine yourself among the characters, whether you are walking down the streets of Italy or stepping foot in a new country like America.The scenes are vivid and the characters are real. The whole story told a wonderful tale of painful memories and new beginnings. I absolutely loved this story. It was a wonderful read.

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