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Sara's Review: Dauntless (The Nevermore Trilogy Anniversary Edition #3) by Shannon Mayer


PUBLISHER: Hijinks Ink Publishing, Ltd

RELEASED: November 29th 2016

GENRE: Paranormal Romance


FORMAT: ebook



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*RE-RELEASE: “The Nevermore Trilogy” Anniversary Edition. Now a full length novel. Brand new scenes, additional points of view and 35K extra words all breathe new life into the first series ever published by USA Today Bestselling Author Shannon Mayer.* "My name is Mara, and I want desperately to become a mother." All of my dreams were dashed when the world was promised hope but instead became a place of danger, death . . . and monsters. When we arrived at the compound, we believed we had found our safe haven at last. For the briefest of moments, their medicine and science lulled us into a false sense of security. But within the bowels of this haven, where the cure for Nevermore is being developed, there lurks an evil which is far worse than anything we've already encountered. Sebastian is used as a test subject, a process that instead of curing him, is slowly killing him. As his heart falters, mine must draw upon new strength if I am to fight our way out of the compound. If we can escape, the journey will still not be over. I will have to protect Sebastian, a vial with a possible cure and our final secret. But before safety, that vial must first make it out intact even with the knowledge that it may very well kill Sebastian, before saving the others.


I was provided an ARC of Dauntless in exchange for an honest review.

The third and final installment, of The Nevermore Trilogy, wraps up the series in a tightly wrapped bow. Some people may appreciate this, but to me it felt forced. The characters didn’t evolve organically. Bob the bear is a perfect example. I didn’t read the original Nevermore Trilogy so I cannot compare it to the anniversary edition. I do like that we got dual POV. However, with this book I got turned around in the chapters on who POV I was in a few times. Yet, even with that I still enjoyed the story and especially Mara.

Mara turned out to be a pretty kick ass chick in her own right, even though she was a bit too weepy for my taste. She fought to keep Sebastian with her through insurmountable odds. Love and family is what drove her and kept her strong while the world fell apart around her. She could “see past the monster to the man underneath”. She was an amazing woman. But of course, this is Shannon and she only writes Amazing women.

One point of contention I had, was the ending. Yes, I understand this is fiction, and the author is free to write the world however they wish. But when it is so far off base and in contrast to the rest of their world it doesn’t fit. There is no way in my mind Mara and Sebastian could have the ending they did, in the world Shannon created. It was just didn’t jive. Don’t get me wrong I liked it and it was ideal, it just didn’t fit.

Overall I liked and enjoyed the third installment of The Nevermore Trilogy just not as much as the other two. I am giving it 3 Boundless stars.

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