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Stormi's Review: Love Me Like You Do (NYC Singles #3) by Sasha Clinton


PUBLISHER: self-published

RELEASED: November 26th 2016

GENRE: romance, contemporary, comedy

LENGTH: 237 pages

FORMAT: ebook





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A single, overweight college professor. A TV producer looking for a replacement actress. A chance meeting that changes both their lives. Dr. Bella Hopkins is looking for love. The forever kind. But instead, she gets a role in a new sitcom, when she runs into Hollywood-screenwriter-turned-producer Jamie Star at the supermarket. Jamie wants his first show to succeed. He didn’t count on the lead actress injuring herself and pulling out last minute. When he meets Bella, who looks exactly like the actress he just lost, Jamie is convinced that the solution to his problem is simple—convince the college professor to act in his show. But a misplaced sext, almost kiss, and crazy co-actress later, what started out as a simple solution turns into a problem of its own..


Jamie is in a panic when one of his biggest stars of his new show hurts herself. He's in need of a new star. He's in need of Bella, a woman he runs into at the grocery store. After much persuasion she agrees to work for him. Bella is a college professor and dealing with battles of her own. Shes overweight, shes broken hearted, and she's desperate for love. Throughout the book, Jamie and Bella both go through changes, they become friends and later lovers. The biggest question is Will they ever be what the other needs? This book was really good. It was a hot, steamy, romance. One character wants nothing more than to marry, have kids, and live happily ever after. While the other isn't that person, he can never be a husband or father. Along the way they fall in love and the result is beautiful. I really loved this book. Bella is such an easy character to love, while Jamie, just wasn't. It took me a while before I finally began liking him.

Overall, this book was a great romance and the story was written very well.

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