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Stormi's Review: Shattered Moments (Hands of Time #5) by Irina Shapiro



RELEASED: January 5, 2014

GENRE: Historical Romance, Time Travel

LENGTH: 387 pages








A year has passed since the Sheridans fled the plague in England, but a new crisis tears Valerie and Louisa apart once again, with dire consequences. As the stranded Whitfields desperately try to return home to the seventeenth century, the Sheridans face a threat of a different nature. The past rarely stays in the past, and a shocking murder brings things to a head as Kit is accused of the crime, and shameful secrets are brought into the open. Meanwhile, in the eighteenth century, the Revolutionary War is still raging, and Finn comes face to face with an old enemy who won’t be outwitted again. As Finn fights for his life, Sam must face his own demons, and figure out where his loyalties lie. Long-buried secrets, blackmail, murder, and a tender new romance take center stage in this final installment of The Hands of Time Series.


This book was an amazing finale to an amazing series. In this book the family saga comes to an end. Alec and Valerie go back to the future when a health concern is brought to light. While there the time travel watch is lost and they are trapped. Will they make it back home? While they are in the future, Louisa is faced with the horrible truth of Kits betrayal. When he is blackmailed and the man who blackmailed him is found murdered Kit is taken in for murder. Wille she be able to forget the wrongs and save her husband? In 1779 Diana comes to the Mallory farm with her young son in tow. The family has the idea that the boy is Sams. Will his new wife Susanna believe he has nothing for Diana any more or will her presence bring about trouble? Also during this time Finn is almost caught by the British. Will he make it home? WOW! This series was great from beginning to end. This book was an adventure in itself. It was full of questions and thankfully all the lose ends were tied up. This series as a whole has been a great time travel adventure ride. It had love, family, war, and betrayal. It was written well and anyone who reads it WILL fall in love. Irina Shapiro has gained a new fan of this series has any say in it. From beginning to end this book and series was amazing.

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