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Beth's Review: Deranged (Dark Evolution, #2) by Jason LaVelle


PUBLISHER: Jason LaVelle

narrator: Melanie Ewbank

RELEASED: July 7, 2016

GENRE: scifi, post apocalyptic

LENGTH: 8 hours and 30 minutes

FORMAT: ebook, paperback, audio





The zombie epidemic has begun, and the world is reeling from this onslaught of mindless, merciless killers. In a desperate attempt to rid the world of a horrific new disease, humankind poisons its own ecosystem, and dooms not only the zombies it fights, but also the very people it is trying to save.

At sixteen years old, Kala is the sole survivor in her family after the first wave of zombie infections tore through her hometown in southern Florida, only to then be gunned down by an FBI sharpshooter while trying to escape the diseased city with her friends. When she finally wakes up, she finds herself in a dangerous new America. Her only hope is to travel north with her newfound companions, where they hope to find food, shelter, and protection. Their path will not be easy, because zombies are not the only killers roaming the streets. Hope balances on the blade of a knife, and survival is the only option left.


This is a different kind of Zombie book! This story starts from a unique point of view and will pull you in immediately. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, it goes in a completely different direction.

An awesome read and a strong 5 Boundless Stars book! As a plus, the narrator does a great job! Also, Deranged reads excellently alone, I couldn’t even tell it was a part 2.

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