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Stormi's Review: A Leap of Faith (Hands of Time #2) by Irina Shapiro

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Merlin Press LLC

Released: October 3, 2016

Genre: Historical Romance, Time Travel

Length: 248 pages

Format: eBook

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Alone and bereft, Louisa makes the fateful decision to follow her sister into the seventeenth century. But, the best laid plans often go awry, and she finds herself on the wrong continent, and in the wrong year. Louisa must cross the Atlantic to get to Virginia, hoping that Valerie is still there in 1620, and face the uncertainty of her situation as she makes the dangerous journey to the New World. Meanwhile, Valerie is facing troubles of her own. She must discover the truth about the men in her family in order to save her marriage and solve a possible murder. Will the two sisters reunite, or will they pass like ships in the night, never knowing how close they came to finding each other?

Five Boundless Stars

After Valerie goes missing Louisa comes across some paintings that hint that her sister is alive and well, but not in her time. She soon finds herself on a journey after the loss of her parents to find her sister. She chooses the less easy path and decides to go back in time. She soon finds herself in 1620 and a few years past when she meant to arrive. She soon boards a ship from England to Virginia to find her sister, hoping against all hope that she will still be there. A dangerous journey across the waters leads her into the arms of wonderful man and soon she is married and in Virginia. This book was great. It melded into the first book as if you just flipped a page. It was a great continuation of Valerie's story as well as an addition of Louisa's. The characters and history were well written and made me fall in love with the new tale of love, hope, and family. The book was sad at times, but so happy at others. It had a mysterious air to it as well as a murder occurs and the truth is searched out. Overall, this book was a great story. I loved it and can't wait to read more in this series.

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