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Stormi's Review: A World Apart (Hands of Time #3) by Irina Shapiro

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Merlin Press LLC

Released: January 2nd 2012

Genre: Historical romance, Time Travel

Length: 315 pages

Format: Ebook

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Reunited with her sister at last, Louisa settles in colonial Virginia, but an unexpected visitor throws life into turmoil once again by offering Valerie and Louisa an opportunity to return to the future. Before the sisters have a chance to make a decision, the unthinkable happens; ripping the family apart, and scattering them over continents and time itself. No one is spared as child is torn from parents, sister is parted from sister, and a devastating famine threatens the colony. The Whitfields and Sheridans must fight for survival and face challenges they never imagined as they are cast a world apart.

Five Boundless Stars

The story of the Whitfield family continues in the third book of The Hands Of Time Series. Mr. Taylor, the maker of the clock that once sent both Valerie and Louisa to the past, has came to the past himself to give the women the opportunity to go back to their time if they choose. While there he leaves his new and improved time travel device unguarded. It falls in the hands of young Finn, Valerie and Alec's son. He finds himself in 1775, a time of hostility and war. He is alone and confused. Once noticed missing, his parents use the device to go search for him. Will they find him or will he forever be a stranger in a different time? While Alec and Valerie are away things go from bad to worse at home. Louisa and Kit start a new new journey of their England. This book was an adventure. I absolutely love following this story. Each book just adds and builds up this family saga. The characters, as always, are so easy to love and each book adds more to them and makes them even greater in my mind. This book was written so well and was a great book of romance and suspense. It was also filled with so much action and drama that it was very hard to put down. Once again I was very pleased to read another awesome book in this series. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

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