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Stormi's Reviews: Thanksgiving Eve by Jay Brandon


Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Released: November 2, 2016

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Fantasy

Length: 165 pages

Format: ebook

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Ray Seymour receives frightening news from his doctor on Christmas Eve. He goes home, feeling sad and angry, to confront the tense atmosphere of his home. His wife, eight-year-old daughter, and fifteen-year-old son remain separate, not cohering into a family. Ray resolves to make things better in whatever time he has left. Unfortunately, his time has run out. Ray dies that evening.

Ray returns to life to find he's been given time to try to reconcile his family. He sets out to make them love him so much they'll feel terrible when he's gone.

Ray still has to deal with his next-door neighbor, who knows about his time-travelling, his sarcastic sister, hostile ex-wife, and childish daughter. There’s too much to fix and not enough time. And what about that homeless man near the mall who keeps turning up?

Holiday miracles are a lot of work.

Four Boundless Stars

What would you do if you had a second chance? Ray doesn't realize how far his life has gone downhill until bad news from a doctor changes everything. His wife, daughter, and son are all distant from him. He wants to change this. Before he has a chance to fix his wayward family, he dies. He gets another chance to come back and fix things before it’s too late. But will he be able to fix everything in such a short amount of time? This book was terrific. We all live day to day and we don't realize that sometimes you miss out on the little things. The important things like time with your spouse or with your children, can sometimes get put on a back burner. This is what this book shows. A chance to slow down time to fix the things in life that matter the most. I enjoyed this book. It was captivating and told an awesome, yet sometimes sad, but very real story. I would recommend this book.

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