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Stormi's Review: Caribbean Dreams of Love by Bess McBride

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Publisher: self-published

Released: January 9th 2013

Genre: Romance, paranormal

Length: 224 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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Daisy and her sixteen-year-old daughter, Lily, are embarking on a Caribbean cruise. She isn't looking for anything special on the cruise other than a pleasant break from her humdrum existence as long-time divorced single mother to a busy teenage girl. She certainly isn't prepared for an enigmatic man named Peter whose idiosyncrasies in dress and speech mark him as an eccentric person to avoid. But Daisy can't avoid him. In fact, she begins to obsess about him from the first moment she catches him staring at her in the cruise ship terminal. Peter remains elusive and mysterious throughout the cruise. She catches sight of him occasionally, never often enough to please her, and they connect one wonderful night as he sweeps her into his arms for a waltz. While Daisy's dinner companions share nightly tales of the legends of cursed pirates who wander the Caribbean, Daisy dreams of the mysterious man who has captured her heart.

five Boundless Stars

Daisy and her daughter Lily are going on a Caribbean cruise when she starts to see a mysterious man. She soon begins to have feelings for him. On the cruise her daughter and some other dinner mates come across a tale of Gentleman Jones, a known pirate who was murdered. Soon Daisy figures out that Peter, her mysterious man, and this pirate are one and the same and he is cursed to spend his years lonely in the Caribbean. Soon their love becomes his saving grace. I have read many books by Bess McBride and this one, just like all the others, was a masterpiece. It told a lovely and chilling love story. The characters are so real and colorful that it's hard not to love them all. The story as always was one that will be easy to remember. It was like I was reading a vacation. I could picture the peace and relaxation that would come from a cruise. It had folklore and history and a "ghost", so all around it was a book I really enjoyed to read. It was full of love and mystery and was written very well. Once again Bess wins my vote. I have truly grown to love her as an author. I await more from her and can't wait to read all she has to offer.

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