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Beth's Review: Burning Suns: Conflagration (Burning Suns: Conflagration #2) by Lisa Wylie

Author request/kindle unlimited

Publisher: SunTzuGames

Released: November 3rd 2015

Genre: scifi, exploration

Length: 183 pages

Format: eBook

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- - Conflict is coming - - Thrown into an unwilling partnership by a heist gone bad and a botched assassination, mercenary captain Jennifer Bronwen and changeling intelligence agent Keera Naraymis are on the run from just about everybody. If they can learn to trust one another, maybe they can figure out exactly how their lives got turned upside down. But right now, mired as they are in a game of cat and mouse in the bowels of a criminal’s lair, that seems like a big if. On the other side of the galaxy, Admiral Kiith Kohath has an even bigger problem—a corrupted cohort of cyborgs intent on pillaging the Assembly systems. Tracking the enemy to the sites of their atrocities, Kohath and his team must piece together the Reavers’ plan and determine their next target, preferably before they have a chance to slaughter yet another defenceless colony. With alliances and agreements fraying at the seams, and new and old trusts being put to the test, the personal and political stakes rise ever higher as Jen, Keera, and Kohath struggle to prevent the galaxy from slipping into all-out war…

m into a race against time to stop a conspiracy that threatens to unravel a thousand

Five Boundless Stars

Lisa Wylie gets better with every book! Burning Suns: Conflagration Book 2 had me intrigued from the start, and kept surprising me to the end.

Wylie has created a unique world and filled it with well-developed characters to create an excellent read. Action + suspense = 5 Boundless stars! Looking forward to the next book!

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