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Sara's Review: Killer King (Killers Incorporated, #3) by Stuart R. West


Publisher: Books We Love Ltd

Released: October 26, 2016

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Length: 326 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Sometimes it’s good to be the king. Leon Garber never wanted to be CEO of any corporation, let alone the one that'd been trying to kill him for the past year and a half. Of course, Like-Minded Individuals Inc. built their fortune on supporting serial killers. Leon should know; he used to be one of their best clients. Until LMI turned on him. That’s why it made no sense when LMI made him an offer he couldn't refuse—a chance to take down the corporation from the inside. It's a killer job but somebody has to do it. A job Leon loves a little too much… Sometimes it’s great to be the king!

Three Boundless Stars

I voluntary received an advanced reader copy of Killer King, however since I didn’t start reading unit after the book was released I went ahead and grabbed my own edited copy off of Kindle Unlimited.

Stuart is one of the very first authors to submit to our blog when we first started and has submitted to us consistently ever since; so, it is hard for me when I don’t instantly fall in love with his work. I read the fist in this series back in March of 2015 and now reading the last installment in November of 2016 I will admit there are gaps in my memory on all the plot twists. Compile that with the 350 or so books I have read in-between my memory is a bit spotty. Any more I tend to stay away from series like this for that reason. I feel had there been a bit more recap I would have been fine or had I read the books consecutively I would not have felt like I was playing catch up. But as the book stands reading it the way I did I just couldn’t get back into the story and I struggled.

Leon didn’t seem to have that same neurotic persona in book three that he had in the others. In the previous books Stuart wrote Leon in a way that even though he was a killer you still really liked him but it was missing in book 3. I can’t even place what exactly it was that was so different it just was. Maybe because he was towing the company line? I will say thank goodness for Cody, his character stayed the same and offered the comedy relief that was much needed.

One thing that drove me crazy, was all the sound effects, Bam, bang, boom. A few fine, as many that this novel had was unnecessary. I understand that you are trying to build the imagery but when I am focusing on what erkk is supposed to sound like it takes away from the pace of the story. Stairs creaked works just as well.

Overall I think this is a series that needs to be read without a lot of time gap in-between. Luckily it is on Kindle unlimited so it is easy enough to do. The characters are vivid and larger than life, Stuart has a wonderful ability to make his characters jump off the page. I think had I read the books consecutively I would have enjoyed Killer King more. As it stands I am rating it 3 Boundless Stars.

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