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Stormi's Review: Once Found (The Pocket Watch Chronicles #3) by Ceci Giltenan

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Duncurra LLC

Released: May 27th 2016

Genre: Time Travel, Historical Romance

Length: 283 pages

Format: eBook

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Elsie thought she had found love. The handsome young minstrel awoke her desire and his music fed her soul. But just as love was blossoming, the inconceivable happened—Elsie awoke more than seven hundred years in the future, in the body of Dr. Elizabeth Quinn. Gabriel Soldani thought he had found love several times, only to have it slip from his grasp. In medical school he had fallen hard for Elizabeth Quinn but their careers led them in different directions. When their paths cross again, he hopes they’ve been given another chance. There’s only one problem…the woman he's never forgotten doesn’t remember him. Once love is found…and then lost…can it be found again?

Five Boundless Stars

After reading THE MIDWIFE I was really hoping they would tell Elsies tale and so I was excited when I realized this was her side to this story. Elsie's soul was switched with Elizabeth's in the previous book The Midwife. In that book you see Elizabeths story, but don't get much from Elsies side. Well this is her story. Once switched she finds herself in the year 2006. Being from 1279 she is a bit shocked. She slowly begins to learn about the world around her, she falls in love, and she has many surprises that come her way. The choice finally comes whether to stay or go. Torn between her life in this new world or leave all that she has found and grown to love. I absolutely loved this book. It was so easy to fall in love with this story. All the characters were great. This book brought many surprises and each one was amazing. I really loved Elsie as she learns to live in the modern world. This story was heart wrenching, funny, romantic, and all around a wonderful book.

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