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Stormi's Review: The Haunting of Blackwych Grange by Amy Cross

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Dark Season Books

Released: August 16th 2016

Genre: Horror, Ghosts

Length: 314 pages

Format: eBook

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For almost a century now, Blackwych Grange has been left locked and abandoned. But when a team of researchers gains permission to enter the house and monitor for ghosts, a dark presence begins to stir. Paula is thrilled when she's invited to join the team. Soon, however, she starts to regret her choice. Something lurks in the dark rooms of Blackwych Grange, something that seeks vengeance. Many years ago, a young woman named Elizabeth Marringham lived in the house with her vicious uncle. Today, more than a century and a half after Elizabeth's death, does her vengeful spirit still roam the house's corridors? And if so, what does she want?

Five Boundless Stars

Let me just start off by saying this book was awesome from page one. Sometimes you get a ghost or paranormal book that starts off slow and builds the apprehension and mystery. This one started off giving me chills and kept them up the entire book.

For years researchers have been going to Blackwych Grange. The tales of ghosts has an alluring appeal. When a researcher goes and ends up in a mental hospital, her fiance decides to follow in her footsteps. He wants to help her. His team goes and once again most meet awful fates while one is destined to be cursed.

This book was written very well. It was action packed and scary. It told a sad history that leads one ghost to seek revenge for all her life before and after the grave. The characters were colorful, the story was sad and disturbing, and the ending was awesome. All around this book was great.

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