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Sara's Review: Deadly Climax by Sharyn Jaeger

author provided copy

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

Released: November 30th 2015

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Length: 248 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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Lieutenant Sarah Carmichael, NYPD, has a new case on her hands. With the help of her partner, Detective Amy Jones, Sarah must locate and apprehend the "Sex Slayer": a new serial killer who has emerged in the back streets of New York - a suspected sex worker who takes her own unsuspecting clients as victims. As the string of murders become more and more difficult to solve, Sarah must navigate her way through crime scenes wiped clean of evidence as well as the unwelcome involvement of the devilishly handsome Special Agent Travis Stone; who seems more than eager to forget that Sarah is happy with another man.

Sharyn Jaeger pulls together murder, mystery, romance, and erotica in Deadly Climax; where there's a killer on the loose and common views of morality are twisted and challenged.

two Boundless Stars

I was provided a copy of Deadly Climax in exchange for an honest review.

The book was interesting and I enjoyed the concept. I think for the first novel writing by the duo that makes up Sharyn Jaeger it was a great first attempt. I do have some suggestions that I think would help improve the next book.

First was the formatting, I received a paperback version and I have no idea if this was rectified in the digital version. However, this was making me wonky. In the chapters, it was common that the scene would stop and then the next paragraph would pick up hours later. This was confusing and disrupted the flow of the read. If a new chapter isn’t started, then I would suggest some type of break between those paragraphs, may I suggest.


I found that the story could be a tad wordy and repetitive, but that is common with new authors. Example, we were told that Travis’s feet on Sarah’s desk annoyed her the first time he did it. It doesn’t need to be explained again.

I enjoyed all the details given on the clothes and it helped paint a great overall picture in my head of what everyone wore. At the same time the characters were two dimensional and Sarah was the worst, her personality never developed fully. I would have also liked to get more motivation behind Lucy Lust, other than she needs money. Money for what?

While the details on the clothes were terrific, the love scenes were lackluster. For this to be considered an erotica, in my mind, detailed pages need to be spent on love scenes not a couple of chapters.

I would like to say then ending was a surprise but it wasn’t. There were too many clues dropped for it to be a surprise. I don’t like that in a story. I would have much rather it been a huge whammy at the end of the book that knocked my socks off.

Overall, the concept was good but the delivery could have been better.

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