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Stormi's Review: Took (A Ghost Story) by Mary Downing Hahn

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Publisher: Clarion Books

Released: October 6th 2015

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 272 pages

Format: ebook, paperback, hardcover

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“Folks say Old Auntie takes a girl and keeps her fifty years—then lets her go and takes another one.” Thirteen-year-old Daniel Anderson doesn’t believe Brody Mason’s crazy stories about the ghost witch who lives up on Brewster’s Hill with Bloody Bones, her man-eating razorback hog. He figures Brody’s probably just trying to scare him since he’s the new kid . . . a “stuck-up snot” from Connecticut. But Daniel’s seven-year-old sister Erica has become more and more withdrawn, talking to her lookalike doll. When she disappears into the woods one day, he knows something is terribly wrong. Did the witch strike? Has Erica been “took”?

Five Boundless Stars

As a reviewer I can say I love to read. I've always loved to read. One of my favorite things about school when I was younger was getting to go to the book fairs. I loved them. Now as a parent I am hoping to pass this joy of reading to my children. Actually, that's how I came across this book. I went with my son to his book fair at his school. While he was browsing books, I couldn't help myself and picked up this one. It a has a cover that just grabbed me. So along with getting him some books I also got me one. This is a pretty good young adult book. It follows Daniel and his sister Erica as they move to West Virginia into an old farm house. Once there stories begin about an old witch named Old Auntie. As the house begins to affect the family, Erica becomes rather withdrawn, only speaking to her doll. Soon enough Erica disappears and Daniel must believe the tales surrounding him and find the courage to help his sister. Im a reviewer and enjoy all kinds of books. Yes, I even enjoy young adult books meant for people half my age ;) and with that being said this was an awesome young adult book. It was written well and I loved the characters and the story. It kept me reading and I was able to finish it in one sitting. The story wasn't really a ghost story in my opinion, but it told a creepy story surrounded by folklore. It was really good and gave me chills at times. It was like a fairy tale gone wrong. I definitely plan on reading more from this author. I even have some lined up. :)


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