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Beth's Review: The Great Leap by Jeff Sher

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Released: March 10th 2016

Genre: Action Adventure

Length: 284 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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Mundu, an indigenous teenager from the Brazilian rainforest, is the best long jumper in the world-only no one knows it. That is, until idealistic botanist and power company scout Luis Moraes sees Mundu effortlessly launch himself across a wide stream. Luis convinces the power company to let him take Mundu to Rio de Janeiro to share his great gift with the world. But first Luis must gain the trust of Mundu's mentor, the shaman of his village, who agrees to Luis' plan without revealing that Mundu was marked at birth by Iara, goddess of the inland waters. Mundu quickly proves himself and becomes Brazil's best hope for track and field gold at the summer Olympics coming to Rio in 2016.

The power company hires Mundu as its corporate symbol, and together with Brazil's Olympic organizers, they try to exploit Mundu's popularity to gain support for the Olympics among Rio's poor, who resent the excessive costs of hosting the Games while they suffer unreliable public transportation, inferior schools, and inadequate health care.

But everyone's plans for Mundu, including his own, are turned upside down when shortly before the Olympics begin, it leaks out that the power company plans to build the giant hydroelectric dam that will flood Mundu's village. With the help of his friends and the timely intervention of the goddess, Mundu must carry out a daring plan to bring the plight of his people to the attention of the whole world.

Five Huge Boundless Stars

Is there a new genre I haven’t heard of yet? I’ve heard of Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Fantasy, but this book just doesn’t seem to fit into any of them. The Great Leap can only be described as Realistic Fantasy. The imagery is amazingly realistic; I visited some beautifully bright places in these pages.

One word; Amazing…that sums it up. I highly recommend this to anyone who can read, if you don’t like to read, this is the book to start with to gain a love of reading! Just don’t get disappointed when no other book can compare.

HUGE 5 Boundless Stars +, I absolutely loved it. I don’t usually read books twice, but I may change that with this one.

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