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Stormi's Review: Love Connection (First Comes Love #1) by Camilla Isley


Publisher: Pink Bloom Press

Released: October 8, 2016

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Humor

Length: 218 Pages

Format: ebook

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Have you ever wondered what might have been? Gemma's at the airport, staring at two plane tickets to two different cities. Two different weddings. Two different futures. She's at a crossroads. Be maid of honor at her best friend's wedding or crash her ex's? Gemma's decision, unknown to her, hinges on a delayed flight and a chance meeting. Now her life is about to go down two parallel tracks--will Gemma fly toward a life with her first love or a future with a man she's not even met yet? In concurrent storylines, Gemma lives out the consequences of each journey. Different stories unravel with unpredictable outcomes for Gemma and her loved ones. As the alternative realities run their course, humor and romance intertwine raising questions about fate and chance. Will these parallel universes converge? Is true love meant to be? Is everyone destined to have a soul mate? Or are one's cards just a choice away from reshuffling? Love Connection is a romantic comedy about one woman, life's infinite possibilities, and the destiny that lies beyond two different choices. First Comes Love is a series of interconnected romantic novels. However, each book in the series can be read as a standalone novel.

Five Boundless Stars

Love Connection was really good. It tells two timeline stories at the same time. In the first timeline Gemma finds herself crashing her exes wedding to get him back. In the second timeline, she crashes her best friends wedding after discovering the groom has a long standing girlfriend. From those two points the stories continues on two different timelines as you find out what happens after Gemma plays the role of wedding crasher. With Love Connection you are getting two books in one. The way this book is laid out is a bit different and can be a bit confusing at first. I have never read a book like this so it took a bit to get used to, but I think it's well worth it. It was romantic and funny and I absolutely loved the characters. Each timeline tells an awesome story. Like I said before, I have never read a book like this, but getting two different choices and timelines is really great. You don't have to wonder about the "what ifs" because you get both sides, both choices. Oh...and the ending is AMAZING!!

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