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Lissa's Review: Rumor Has It (Friendship, Texas #2) by Magan Vernon



RELEASED: October 25th 2016

GENRE: contemporary romance

LENGTH: 333 pages

FORMAT: ebook





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A Brand new Standalone, Second Chance Rom Com from Friendship, Texas featuring Country Music's Biggest Superstar, Eddie Justice and Friendship's resident author, Brook Carrington. "Rhonda, pst, Rhonda is that the Carrington girl? The writer who was at the bakery with that country singer Eddie Justice? I thought she was in Austin?" one of the old church ladies not-so-subtly asked the woman next to her. I rolled my eyes and Clay looked at me with a mischievous grin. Slowly I stretched my arms over my head and leaned toward my brother, not so quietly whispering, "I can't wait to get out of church so I can go home and get some Eddie Justice man meat." The old ladies gasped and started whispering. They didn't need to know that Eddie and I had only ever been next door neighbors and friends, well until we spent the night breaking a tree branch, if that counted for anything.


We are back in Friendship, Texas! never realized how much I missed it. Until, I jumped in to Rumor Has It.

There’s something that’s very sweet about these characters and this little town in Texas. I love a small town feel, maybe because I grew up in a small town myself. Brooke and Eddie have been best friends since the womb. But as we all know. Things change with time and people move away. But after 10 years, is there hope for them?

I liked the characters, though I wanted to punch Eddie a few times. He was so into his life, he didn’t understand that others were hurting. Especially, one of them being Brooke. There’s always those what if’s. What if it doesn’t work out? what if we hate each other? but what I loved about this story. Is the realness between these two. They have so much love for each other, if they could just get past their fears.

This story really had everything. It had the second chance romance. The steamy scenes, the heartfelt proclamations. Magan’s writing is wonderful and it really touches into your heart. Feeling what the characters are feeling. Understanding them, knowing that and hoping that they get through their struggles. That's what I think any reader really wants. Those are the best stories to read.

Overall, I give this amazing, heartfelt genuine story Five Boundless Stars

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