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Lissa's Review: Fortune's Favor (Heroes of Arcania #2) by Liz Long

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Publisher: Self-Published

Released: July 14th 2016

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Superheroes

Length: 257 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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Nova will learn it takes more than sheer strength to be a superhero. Her world implodes when Fortune strikes back for all the trouble she's caused. His dangerous games put everyone around her at risk, especially when he decides to turn Arcania against its precious Heroes. Nova wants to protect Arcania, but how does she save a city that doesn't want her help? Cole has no idea how to deal with his sister Penelope, especially now that she's learned the truth about their family secret. Thanks to Fortune, she's headed down a dark path, one with no return. Torn between helping Nova and protecting his sister, Cole will be forced to make a choice. Tensions rise as Cole and Nova discover war will come to Arcania if they don't get Fortune off the streets...or preferably six feet under. Nova and Cole might have each other, but will they lose everything else in their mission to save Arcania?

Five Boundless Stars

Fortune's Favor, begins where the first left in the series, left off. How will Nova and Cole save the city? Fortune is ruthless and doesn’t care about anyone. Obviously, only himself.

There is a lot of Action and fighting throughout this book. They were seriously great. Long has a way of writing that really helps visualize every scene. At first, I thought I wasn’t going to love it. I know, I know it’s silly. Cause how could I not? I thought it was a bit slow. But think after reading, that it’s the anticipation of where Fortune is, what is he planning? and can Nova and Cole really take on this seriously evil villain.

“This was our fight now and we wouldn’t let anyone else do it for us.”

I saw the growth with the characters. The love they both have for each other is important. But that can be the one thing that costs them everything. Their gifts continue to grow, but what is their limit. Can they really do what they need to do? There are seriously so many questions. That obviously or maybe hopefully will be revealed in the next one.. Unbreakable.

Hang on to your seats readers. I’m sure this will be an insane ride!

Overall, I give this book Five Boundless Stars. The writing is amazing and who doesn’t love an amazingly written superhero themed story.

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