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Beth's Review: Visions Through A Glass, Darkly by David I. Aboulafia

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Cosmic Egg Books

Released: January 29, 2016

Genre: Psychological, Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

Length: 313 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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Mr. Goodman, an administrator for a school that instructs disabled people in the art of watchmaking. There is a stark glimpse not only into the Lilliputian world of the watchmaker, but also into the lives of people with physical disabilities. Goodman can be described as a psychic being driven mad by his own inimitable gifts over which he has no control. Demons come to him at night and invade his nightmares. The dead may stop over to pay him a visit at any time, but each time conveying a message that something or someone believes he must hear. But Goodman is to acquire one more unique ability, along with a terrifying prophecy delivered by a Coney Island fortune teller that he has less than three days to live. As the clock of his life counts down, a still greater threat emerges: An uncanny assassin who will destroy everyone he knows and loves. Unless he can discover who the killer is. And stop him in time.

Four Boundless Stars

This book has a very unique way of telling a story, it was written to give you nightmares.

I have to start by saying it took several tries to get into this book. I always try to read at least 25%, before deciding not to go any further; Visions Through a Glass, Darkly barely made it.

I was ready to give up and it finally gained my interest. Having said that, once I was hooked, I liked it; I kept asking myself what one chapter had to do with the other, but it made sense in the end.

If you choose to give the slow start a chance, you’ll enjoy it, but I don’t recommend this as a bedtime story.

Overall, It's Four Boundless Stars book for me.

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