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Stormi's Review: Afta-U by Jennifer-Lynn Keniston


PUBLISHER: Tate Publishing & Enterprises

RELEASED: November 24th 2015

GENRE: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

LENGTH: 212 pages

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover







Michael's smile broadened. It seems like you're surprised to see me, Jean. Don't tell me you thought that they'd leave an eleven-year-old boy locked away forever. Twenty-nine years after the tragic death of her childhood best friend, Hope, Jean Cartwright Rhodes returns to her hometown with her husband and daughter after she inherits the house her friend's family once lived in. Now, years later, she finds herself haunted by a dark truth and by the specter of Hope herself. Every time Jean looks through her kitchen window, she sees two stark reminders of her troubled past; the Afta-U sailboat, ironically named after young Hope, and the old oak tree where her eleven-year-old friend met her death at the hands of another child. Afta-U unfolds as a psychological chess match, a complex web of intrigue, unexpected relationships, lies, and devastating secrets as Jean struggles with the impact of decisions she made long ago on all the lives around her. When Jean confronts and tries to come to grips with Hope's killer, she finds herself waging a personal battle between madness and redemption.


As a young child Jean loses her best friend Hope during a childish game. A young boy who is also playing takes this tragedy to the next level. Now years later Jean is still living a traumatized life. She sees her friends ghost daily and she also replays her life and this causes her to have trouble moving on from a horrible past. Now as she is older she begins to unlock many secrets about the past of her murdered friend and her friends family. As the story unfolds more secrets and lies unfold. The story is a web of secrets, lies, betrayal, and hope for a better future. This book was really good. Poor Jean is haunted by the past and this story is a haunting reminder of her past mistakes. It was chilling and sad. It was a crime book, but at the same time this book was very psychological. It was a well thought out and well written book. From the beginning it had me enthralled. The story of Jean, Hope, their families, and the town they grew up in kept me in suspense and kept me reading. This book was very hard to put down. I will definitely be recommending this book for any reader who loves a good suspenseful, psychological, and haunting read. This is a book that I will remember for a long time to come.

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