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Beth's Review: The Garbage Sifter by Barry Jones


Publisher: Edward Barry Jones

Narrator: Danny L. Oringderff

Released: August 30, 2016

Genre: Mystery, Thriler, Espionage

Length: 8 hours and 35 minutes

Format: ebook, paperback, audio

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This fast-paced thriller ensnares intelligence agents, drug cartel overlords and politicians in a twisted web of deceit and deception.

Camila Sanchez, an Argentinian garbage sifter, finds a partially shredded confidential CIA document among her overnight collection of refuse. This document describes a program to hack into the Argentine Intelligence agencies’ databases, including e-mails, and to glean details of their relationship with the powerful Mexican Gulf cartel.

Camila considers this find as treasure and sells the information to the Argentine Intelligence Secretariat. Armed with this knowledge, the Argentines begin to feed misinformation to the CIA. Crusading antidrug activists are falsely portrayed as being secretly in the pay of the cartel leading to numerous arrest warrants. Information and misinformation flows freely on the corrupted e-mail system but one Gulf Cartel directive surprises both the Argentines and the Americans—ACTIVATE ROSARIO 5.

Rosario 5 proves to be a highly effective sex stimulant that threatens to overwhelm the youth of America and Argentina. “Paradise Parties” mimicking the San Francisco sexual orgies of the past, become commonplace and pervasive. Both societies are deeply threatened. A cooperative effort between the two countries to eradicate the curse ensues.

Four Boundless Stars

If you can get past the robot voice narrating this book, you will love it.

The Garbage Sifter is an interesting story of an average nobody, stumbling upon an unexpected treasure. while digging through the garbage to make a living. Filled with the drug dealers, criminals, and even worse politicians; this is a definite page turner.

I would not recommend the narrated version but the story is great. I rate it with 4 Boundless Stars.

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