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Beth's Review: Review: Flat Earth Theory by Yael Egal

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Publisher: Jacqueline Goldman

Released: May 20th 2016

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Length: 167 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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Tess Shapiro, a Brooklyn French teacher and mother of two, is glad to be rid of her cheating husband—but still has a long way to go in order to heal. She vents her frustration by drawing comic books centered on international spy Andrea Chambers, Tess's sophisticated and confident alter-ego...but there's nothing about Tess's life that is making her confident. All that begins to change when she meets and begins dating a French widower. Just as Tess's confidence finally begins to come back, however, a tragedy in her ex-husband's life urges her to confront the reality of who her ex really was as a person—as well as who her new lover really is to her. Meanwhile, Tess becomes alarmed when she hears about anti-French terrorist attacks around the world. She tries to explain these current events to her students and children, all the while becoming increasingly alarmed herself. Soon, everything in Tess's life comes crashing together in a whirlwind of romance and political intrigue. Will she finally come to understand who she really is and what she believes in before it's too late?

Four Boundless Stars

I was offered Flat Earth Theory in exchange for an honest review. Egal is obviously a talented writer; the characters were well developed; the book is full of interesting events. I’m not sure if I should say the story is full of political knowledge or imagination; either way it’s an interesting read with mildly suspenseful happenings.

The only negatives were, the most important events/situations happened too quickly for my taste, and the ending was abrupt, but definitely not what I expected.

Overall, I rate Flat Earth Theory with a strong 4 Boundless Stars; “I enjoyed it!”

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