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Stormi's Review: The Ghost Writer by Damon Norko

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Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Released: November 20th 2015

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Length: 134 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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"Once a writer, always a writer . . ." What would you do if you came back as a ghost? You could finally write that novel . . . Meet Arnold Showalter, ghost. At night, Arnold haunts the magnificent underground Mystic Caverns of Appalachia. But during the day, Arnold becomes The Ghost Writer, the first "literary voice from beyond the grave." Yet before Arnold can capitalize on his fame, he must first exorcise the "ghosts" of his own past. And it is easy to become bitter when one is dead . . . Fortunately, Arnold's world is rocked when he meets Clarisse, a 15-year-old fatality of a car accident. Her fresh outlook and spunky energy awaken Arnold to the real possibilities of post-life existence. Clarisse inspires a quest that takes Arnold to the farthest reaches of the universe, and deep within himself.

Five Boundless Stars

The first word that comes to my mind to describe this book is DIFFERENT! It's a book that is written from the ghosts point of view. Many books about ghosts do not do this. So this was a breath of fresh air. This book was a good kind of different. Arnold is dead. He does his haunts daily and he continues to write since he was a writer before death. He has little drive as a ghost until he meets a young ghost named Clarisse. Her appearance in his afterlife opens his eyes to a different view. She is what he needed to help him enjoy his life as a ghost. As he battles daily with the bitterness that comes from his life before death, Clarisse helps him find himself again, even if he is a little different. This book was a bit strange to me at first, but I was quick to get sucked in and I fell in love. Arnold is a great character even in his episodes of bitterness and when Clarisse comes along she just adds so much "life" to this story. I really enjoyed this book. It was written well. It had humor and action. It had ghosts and small scary bits. It was really a great book all around. I absolutely loved the ending!

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