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20 Questions With: Rissa Blakeley

1. If you woke up, and realized you were in a Zombie Apocalypse. What would you do?

As much as I would like to say I would be a bad ass, I probably would hole up somewhere and hope it ends soon.

2. Do you have a Halloween tradition?

We usually make mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough).

3. If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

I'm not too sure. I think I would be boring with it. A nice family vacation across the sea, pay bills, downsize our house.

4. If you had to choose one meal, to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pizza! But only if my hubs can make the crust. I'm a little biased, but I think he makes the best pizza.

5. Do you know any ghost stories?

Sadly, no.

6. When was the moment, you knew you wanted to be a writer?

While reading, I asked myself... How hard could it be to write a book? I laugh at that now.

7. Pumpkin Pie or Apple?


8. Who is your favorite Author?

Traditionally published... JR Ward.

Indie... Michelle Rabe, Brenda Tetreault, and Renea Mason

9. Can you describe one of your books in three words?

The entire Shattered Lives saga: Emotional roller coaster.

10. What's your favorite candy?

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and M&Ms.

11. Who is your favorite actor?

I can't think of a favorite! I like so many.

12. Who is your favorite actress?

Our Daughter. She's in theater at her high school. I think she's brilliant.

13. What is your all time favorite Tv Show?

It's a toss up between Vikings and Game of Thrones.

14. If you could have your books turned into movies. Who would you want to play as the main characters?

To be honest, I have no idea. I have a set image of my characters and I think it would be difficult to match them up.

15. What is one thing that you can't stand?

Soggy bread. It completely grosses me out. Just thinking about it... -shudders-

16. Vampire or Werewolf?

Vampire. I'm not really into hairy things.

17. If you could be any character from a TV show or Movie, who would you be?

Ohhh tough question. I love so many shows, I don't think I could pick. Maybe I could sneak in as Dean Winchester's love interest. ;)

18. What do you think about Matt Damon?

You mean Jason Bourne?

19. How did you come up with, the Shattered Lives Series?

It was just an idea that popped in my head and I felt compelled to get it on paper. Then it exploded.

20. last but not least, Coffee or Tea?

Coffee! It's my life line. Without it, I would die.


Rissa Blakeley is the author of the paranormal series, Corvidae Guard, and the post-apocalypse saga, Shattered Lives, which features a paranormal twist. Her short story, A Little Taste of Naughty, was part of the best-selling anthology, Just Desserts.

As a native New Yorker, Rissa is now a Georgia transplant, who is completely addicted to black coffee, La Croix and obsessively listens to songs on repeat. Her days are full of characters screaming for more scenes, cats living up to their Harry Potter namesakes, a lazy dog, a teenage daughter bringing Emo back, and a Viking husband, who finds her puns less than funny. When Rissa isn’t writing, she can be found procrastinating on social media.




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