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Stormi's Review: Divided (Wolf Land #3) by Fiona McShane

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: May 27th 2016

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Length: 216 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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The wolves have been divided, but will they fall? In the castle's dungeons, werewolves are being tortured and killed, but is this just another game of Lord Tolbert's, or does he need the wolves for a darker purpose? Sorcha Moore has been betrayed, kidnapped, and separated from everyone she cares for. But who has driven them apart, and why? Sorcha needs to learn all she can about her enemies - and about herself - if she is ever going to defeat the Lord. But when she is finally told the truth of the Lords and the werewolves, it may not be the truth she wants to hear. Will Sorcha return to Wolf Wood in time to save Rory and the wolf pack, or will she do as everyone seems to think she ought ... and run?

Five Boundless Stars

Each book in this series gets better and better. I have read each one and each one sucks me in so quickly I hate to put the book down. I usually manage to sit and read each book till I just can't read anymore. Haha....its bad when Im walking around reading and my husband has to ask " can you not stop reading for just a minute?"! Yes...this book did this as the others did before! Sorcha knows now that she is witch and werewolf. After the battle to overthrow the Tolberts, she and the other wolves find themselves captive. While she is on the search for the truth, they are being tortured. Her lover, Rory, is being tortured. This book weaves the tale even greater. Together they do all they can to defeat the evil Lord with help from some unlikely people. It shows dedication, romance, and determination to fight the evils that surround us and the evils that are within. I really loved this book. Honestly, each book is better and better. They pick up right where they leave off. I wish, when all the books are done, they can put them all in one big book. Reading them as a series and having to wait for that next part is torture! Really! This book was once again a great installment to an already great series. I can't wait to read more!

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