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Stormi's Review: My Bad-Boy Summer by Ann Herrick

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Books We Love Ltd

Released: May 26th 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 151 pages

Format: eBook

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Will Nolan give up his bad-boy ways for Vija? 17-year-old Vija Skalbe wants to be an all-American girl—no matter how hard her parents try to impose their strict Latvian standards on her. She feels unsure of herself with one foot in each country. Then Nolan, a folksinger, steals her heart at a coffeehouse. When Nolan stops at their table, it's Vija's friend, Caprice, who does all the talking. But it is Vija who gets his phone number—and later the back seat of his motorcycle. Soon she is cruising from one adventure to another, dizzy with joy, her new-found freedom and the excitement of being with the kind of guy who is a challenge. However, when her father has a heart attack, Vija must take over running the family lawn-care business. She feels overwhelmed until sweet brainiac Joel volunteers to help. He shares the workload and lifts her spirits with his humor. But it is Nolan who fills her heart. It doesn't matter that Nolan wants everything his way. Or that he's constantly eyeing other girls. Or that he can be pouty and punitive. Or that he says she's seeing things all wrong. Until it does matter. But Vija's in so deep. Will he change? Will she deal with Nolan's controlling tactics, or is she too far under his spell?

Five Boundless Stars

Let me just start off by saying this book had me from the start. It was written very well. It was written so well that the characters were so real to me and the story was a real life story, not just a work of fiction. It could be any teenage girls reality on any given day. Vija is an immigrant. She came to America when she was younger. She has the daily struggle of trying to fit into this new world. Well in this story she is just your typical teenage girl. She falls for Nolan, a folk singer and bad boy. She also has Joel, her nerdy friend from school, who is just that, a friend. Her brother is off in the Navy and her father and mother run a lawn care business. When her father has a heart attack her world gets turned upside down. She must choose between Nolan and Joel as the responsibilities of the business fall on her shoulders. I'm gonna start by saying this, from very early on I detested Nolan. He just seems like a jerk. His whole attitude and the way he treats Vija drove me crazy. She's so sweet and innocent and he seems to take advantage of this. I wanted to reach in this book and slap him and ring her neck for falling for this guy. Now Joel just seems sweet from the very beginning. No matter how "Nerdy" he was I voted for him from early on. Nolan is just an easy character to dislike. Being the fact I felt so strongly about this goes to show how good this story was written. It was real, raw, and angering. It was also romantic, sad, and chaotic. It was all around a really good book.

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