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20 Questions With: Chip Davis

1. Do you love Squirrels or just weresquirrels?

Before I moved this last time, I had regular squirrel visitors at my bird feeder. They eventually they were eating out of my hand. I suppose I love them more than not.

2. What is your favorite horror movie?

For some reason I liked the 1983 movie, Something Wicked This Way Comes.

3. Do you know any scary stories?

Of course, from Three fingered Willie, who terrorized us as kids, to Stories I heard (or made up) in Kenya, I have a few. One or more may come out in Dollar Dreadfuls one day, who knows?

4. if you could only choose between a Milky Way or a Snickers, What would you choose?

These are real serious questions lol Snickers! There is just more to it.

5. Have you ever experienced the Paranormal?

You will have to keep reading my Dreadfuls to find out what it was. ;)

6. If you could eat only one thing your entire life, what would it be?

Life Cereal with multiple fresh berries on it.

7. Would you rather live in a desert compound or on an island by yourself?

Island by myself, I do hope I get internet In either place lol

8. Whose your favorite actor?

Sean Connery

9. Whose your favorite actress?

Meg Ryan (I may or may not have pulled these last two answers off the top of my head, who could choose really?)

10. If you won a million dollars, what would

you do?

I travel to different countries to research my Trail of the Raven books, I would do that but quicker and maybe spoil myself more while I was there.

11. What is your favorite color?


12. Are you working on anything right now, that we must know about?

I’m in the editing process of a short love story for an anthology, believe it or not! After that I have several Dreadful ideas, perhaps Big Foot, or a rather silly detective named Stubby McGee.

13. When did you know, you were destined to be a writer?

I woke up before dawn one morning and went for a walk in the fall Maine woods. The leaves moved me so much that I wrote a magnificent poem, and promptly lost it on the bus to kindergarten. It was then or when I wrote poetry to get laid in college, which was a whole other story we won’t get into.

14. Freddie or Jason?

Freddy, why not.

15. Whose your favorite Villain?


16. Would rather eat 5 spiders or one slug?

Are they fried? Spiders.

17. Have you ever been to a haunted house?


18. If Zombies were attacking, what would be first thing you would do?

Do a photography piece.

19. If you could travel back in time, any year and any place. Where would you go?

How could you ask this? Is it a short trip? Haight Ashbury, San Fransisco, spring 1967. Longer trip? Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania 1871, To get lost and never return? Kauai, Hawaii, 1945

20. last.. and final question.. What is the meaning of Life?

The meaning of life is to find true happiness, not by searching for it but by living in a way that brings it to others, and letting it find you; finding contentment without greed, love without restriction, and never running out of coffee.

About Chip Davis

I discovered a passion for travel as a boy when my family moved from Arkansas to Kenya for two years as missionaries. I continued moving regularly as an adult, in the military and while working construction jobs across several states, until having two school-aged sons dictated that I settle down. Fast forward through 15 years of structural design, the boys are grown and it is time to travel once again.

My dream is to become like Jack, the main character in Trail of the Raven. I will be traveling, learning new cultures and places, and looking for ways to help people along the way. This, in turn, will fuel the books to come. Along with that, I am writing a rather silly series of Dollar Dreadfuls. Life is too short to take it seriously all the time.

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