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Beth's Review: Vikram Rana Investigates: Tales of Murder and Deception in Hyderabad by Neil D&#

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: May 21, 2016

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

Length: 147 Pages

Format: eBook

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Vikram Rana Murder Mysteries set in Hyderabad…… The Mysterious Affair of the Lohia Mansion When the glamourous socialite Richa Lohia is poisoned in her mansion in Jubilee Hills, her brother-in-law hires his mate, ex-cop Vikram Rana, to solve this murder. This is Vikram’s first case and he, along with Inspector Gopi Reddy, must solve the case even if they face opposition from the richest and powerful family in Hyderabad, who would stop at nothing to defend themselves. The Sonia Sinha Case When property developer Krishna Dhavala is stabbed to death in Necklace Road, everyone suspects Mrs. Dhavala to be the murderer of her alcoholic and abusive husband. But is that really the case? Vikram Rana and Inspector Reddy have a tough time uncovering the murderer and Vikram himself almost dies trying to solve this case. Experience the mystery along with the duo as they fight their way through the maze of lies, deceit and greed.

Four Boundless Stars

Two great mysteries in one well written book; a must read for a mystery lovers. I found Vikram Rana Investigates to be well written; the characters are well developed, likeable, and easily relatable. Readers are given just the right amount of information to keep them guessing; and no, it’s not who you think it is.

This is the first book I’ve read by Shenoy, and I was not disappointed. He has an excellent writing style and his talent is obvious. To be honest, I’m not really into mystery, but I loved these stories. They were smooth and quick reads; I give them 4 Boundless stars.

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