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Beth's Review: Yukon Audit (a C.E. Brody Novel) by Ken Baird

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Released: July 2, 2015

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Romance

Length: 510 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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The Yukon. Land of the midnight sun and the Klondike gold rush. Wilderness and wildlife, rivers and lakes, mountains and glaciers. As mystical a place as there is on earth. The Yukon’s also a great place to launder illicit cash with a gold mine. And organized crime knows it. C.E. Brody is a man of the world but prefers life in a cabin on the Yukon River. For a living he flies an ancient float plane and runs a highway repair shop. Single, fiercely independent, a champion for the little guy, Brody loves his dogs and plane, hates cops and phones, and cooks a great meal for two. After repairing her car, Brody is hired by a beautiful and mysterious woman to fly her over a gold mine. The two spot a missing plane. They land and find two men inside. He knows the pilot, she knows the passenger. Within hours, Brody realizes he’s suddenly become the center of attention for the RCMP, the FBI, and two underworld gangs. His beautiful passenger is making romantic advances. He’s beaten up, his plane is hijacked, a friend’s child is kidnapped. With no idea what's going on, he's bound and determined to get answers. And get even. A thriller, an adventure, a romance, Yukon Audit is filled with imagery and insight into the land called the Yukon - its gold rush history, its colorful characters, its geography and geology. Detailed flying sequences are narrated from the cockpit, as are the history and details of Brody’s sixty year old pride and joy, a DeHavilland Beaver, the greatest bush plane ever made. If you’ve never been to the Yukon, you’ll want to visit after reading Yukon Audit.

Four Boundless Stars

Yukon is told through the eyes of, Brody, a man living the simple life as a charter pilot and mechanic in his small town. His life is turned completely upside down when he charters for an attractive young lady, on a journey to one of the local mines. This literally becomes the ride of his life as the action begins. He meets, drug dealers, mobsters, cops and special agents. There’s action, suspense, romance, and comedy, yes comedy. The book is extremely wordy but worth the read. I would definitely recommend this 4 Boundless Stars book.

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