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Stormi's Review: The Abandoned Orphanage by John Carter

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Dark Moon Publishers

Released: September 14, 2015

Genre: Horror, Short Stories

Length: 250 pages

Format: ebook

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On the first day of summer a young girl Lauren disappears after climbing through a broken window into an abandoned building that was once an orphanage. Now Jacob, her brother and only witness to her disappearance, Jose, a newspaper reporter and recent widower, and Anna, a woman with her own connection to the old orphanage, along with three paranormal researchers, will try to untangle the secrets and mysteries of the place they call the Home.

Four Boundless Stars

This book starts off with a young boy and his sister. When his sister goes missing at an abandoned orphanage the investigation starts. Jose is set to write a story on the missing girl and in doing so he is swept into a much bigger story than he realizes. Nightmares, ghosts, and a haunted past lead Jose and several others into the orphanage. Soon the truth comes to light. This book was pretty good. It was filled with action. It was scary and had ghosts and all the factors that belong in a good ghost story, but the ending was a little weak. Reading the book, I expected something really big at the end, but that wasn't so. I,m not saying the book was bad because it wasn't. It was really good. It was written well and kept me reading and captivated. I just wish the ending was a little better.

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