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Lissa's Review: Murder By Massage (A Zach and Zora Comic Mystery Book 2) by Stuart R. West


Publisher: Books We Love Ltd.

Released: September 4th 2016

Genre: Humor, Satire, Mystery

Length: 136 pages

Format: eBook

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Zach is back! And he hasn't learned one darn thing since the last time he ended up as the number one suspect in a murder case. But just like last time, big sister comes to the rescue. And what a big sister! Zora LeFevre's a private investigator. The only down side is she's usually got her four kids with her. Join the laughs, chaos and mystery as Zach and Zora race against the clock. No clue is too big, no clue is too small. Even if it involves dancing cops, ex-radical hippy militants, pompous pastors, or a creepy set of "Furries" (don't ask!)

Four Boundless Stars

**I received an ARC, in Exchange for an honest review**

Zach and Zora are back in Murder by Massage. Another hilarious, murder mystery.

Zach still a Male Entertainer aka Stripper. And Zora a full fledged private investigator. There are a ton of new characters in the mix. With a singing detective, yes singing. That this does border on the cheesiness. But I think that's the point, It’s supposed to be fun.

I truly did enjoy this story. It’s chaotic, It’s fun, and hilarious. Sometimes you just want read a story just like this. Something easy to read, easy to follow and it’s a quick read as well. Stuart is a great writer and his imagination has no limit.

Overall, I give this Four Boundless Stars. I really did enjoy it and I feel there are so many who will also.

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