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Stormi's Review: The Rosewood House (Cypress Falls Mystery #2) by Elayne Kull

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: New Chapter Publishing

Released: October 9, 2015

Genre: Horror, Ghosts

Length: 76 pages

Format: ebook

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Ashley Richards and her family are planning a trip to Portland to check out the university. They have a nice, relaxing vacation planned but a desperate phone call from Tyler Rosewood threatens to ruin those plans. Tyler begs Daniel, a paranormal expert and Ashley's fiance, to investigate the ghost residing in his family mansion. Expecting to find an old house with creaky floorboards, Daniel promises to make a quick visit to Rosewood House while they're in Portland. Little does he know that he'll be facing an evil so old and powerful that his very life, and those that he cares about, will be placed on the line. Can they destroy the entity before it destroys them? This book is the second in the Cypress Falls Mystery Series.

Five Boundless Stars

Its been 6 months since the chilling tale of The Keyhole House. Now Ashley and her daughter are back with Ashley's fiance and "adopted" daughter. This time on the search for a good college for the girls, they find themselves on yet another ghost mystery. The Rosewood house is home to something evil and it's left up to two of these 4 people to help the homeowners. This book was a great follow up and added on to what was presented in the first Cypress Falls book. I really enjoy each of the characters and I really enjoyed this story. It was a chilling and captivating read. It kept me reading and enthralled from the first page. I hope to read more from Cypress Falls and from such a talented author.

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