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Sara's Review: His to Have (A Claimed Story #2) by Jade Sinner


Publisher: Self-Published

Released: August 7th 2016

Genre: Erotica, BDSM

Length: 81 pages

Format: eBook

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Victor She's every man's wet dream. Every night on the TV, broadcasting the news with her tight skirts and tits in front of the world. I've sat back and watched as she thinks she runs the world, directing everyone and everything. But her time is up. I've planned this for too long. She's mine and I plan to have her—all of her. Erika I'm content. My career is going places. My marriage is safe. I don't want anything to rock my world, until I have no choice. Until Sir. Now it will never be the same. **There is no cheating in this book. Sit back and enjoy...withhold judgment until the very end. We promise a sappy love story, some hot and sexy BDSM, and a's time for your next bookgasm!

Three (2.5) Boundless Stars

I was provided a copy of His to Have: The Claimed Series, as part of a blog tour and in exchange for an honest review.

There was a disclaimer in the blurb that there was no cheating; however, the way the story is written it’s like Victor is an obsessive stalker. Kidnapping Erika to hold her hostage and make her his in every way. Which includes, bondage, a bit of humiliation, punishment, and a whole lot of domination. I was worried for Erika in the beginning of the story because you just don’t know what is going on.

The sex was pretty hot once it got going but Victor just seemed cruel and working out of a place of anger and frustration. The only saving grace was that Erika was enjoying herself and this was what she craved and needed.

I think I would have liked this story better if they discovered BDSM through a place of love and trust. Instead of it being forced on Erika, which is the way it seemed to me. Safe sane and consensual is one of the main principle of BDSM; the story just didn’t have that feel.

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