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Stormi's Review: The Keyhole House (Cypress Falls Mystery #1) by Elayne Kull

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: New Chapter Publishing

Released: September 27th 201

Genre: Sci fi, Fantasy

Length: 91 pages

Format: eBook

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When Ashley Richards and her daughter Saia move back to Cypress Falls from Seattle after her husband dies, Ashley is hoping that the change of pace will help them heal and become closer. She'd thought her dreams had come true when her favorite house in town, one she had named the Keyhole House as a child, was up for sale.

The same day that Ashley and Saia move in, they realize that they may have purchased more than just an empty house. As strange happenings begin to occur, Ashley learns that a tragedy from Cypress Falls' past had much more to it than she'd heard.

A tragic tale unfolds as mother and daughter learn more about the house and its former inhabitants. Ashley's former high school sweetheart-turned-teacher teams up with Ashley, Saia and Saia's new friend Holly to right a tremendous wrong committed more than 20 years ago. Can they settle troubled spirits, bring the guilty to justice and make the house the perfect place for mother and daughter to start over or will the Keyhole House remain haunted by the memories of its past?

Five Boundless Stars

Ashley and her daughter Saia are trying to have a fresh start after her husbands death. They move back to Ashley's childhood home of Cypress Falls and into the infamous Keyhole house. Once back in town the house's mysteries begin to come to light. Together with the help of some new, yet old, friends they figure out the answers to many unanswered questions. This book was really good and was a tale full of action, the paranormal, and was a great mystery. This was one of those books that just pops up as a suggestion and I'm so glad I chose to read it. It was written very well and kept me very captivated.

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