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Stormi's Review: Ghost Camera By Darcy Coates

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: July 29th 2014

Genre: Horror

Length: 118 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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A small number of cameras have the ability to capture ghosts on film. This gift comes at a steep price; the ghosts are resentful and hungry, and the cameras offer them a rare chance to reach their favourite prey… humans. Jenine didn’t know any of this when she found an abandoned Polaroid camera in a lighthouse. At first she assumes the ghostly shapes in the photos are a glitch or a prank – but then the spirits begin to hunt her down, and she’s forced into a deadly race to free herself from the camera’s curse.

Five Boundless Stars

Once again I wasn't disappointed with Darcy Coates. She once again surprised me with a fast book that was written well and enthralling. Janine is photographing her friends wedding when she stumbles upon a camera. She picks it up and forgets about it till she goes back and notices the pictures it produces are not normal. She becomes a target for ghosts and it becomes a life or death race to find out how to stop the ghosts. I loved this book. None of the books I have read from Darcy are super long and usually that means they aren't very good. This is not how it is with her books. This book was action packed and enthralling from page one.

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