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Lissa's Review: Player by M.L. Sparrow


Publisher: Self-Published

Released: September 1st 2016

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Length: 235 pages

Format: eBook

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Let the game begin… After a tragic accident which leaves her tormented by guilt, Chloe Newman accepts a scholarship to study a St. Joseph’s University. Traveling from England to Texas, the last thing she expects is to meet the schools charming quarterback on her first night. However, Parker Mitchell is a player both on and off the field. Parker is immediately fascinated by Chloe and, after a rocky start, they manage to find a way to make their relationship work despite interference from others on campus, including Parkers jealous ex, and the ghosts that haunt Chloe’s conscience. But, the real test comes when they visit Parker’s family over Christmas break and he finds himself being pulled back into their lifestyle...

Two Boundless Stars

The Player, is a tale of a boy and a girl. Who meet in college. The boy a total player and the girl who wants a serious relationship.

Chloe, has been dealing with a tragic accident from her past. She finally decides to head to college. Traveling from England to Texas. Parker, not much of a fan. He’s a very cocky football player. Who seems to get around.

So, the writing was good. I’m not much of a fan of third person. I feel it’s harder to get a connection to the characters in general. I have read and loved third person before. So I came into this with an open mind.

Unfortunately, the way characters spoke in the book, I don’t think anyone in Texas really speaks that way. So I was a bit confused at first, Where the story was taking place. Also, the distance between places,. If you are traveling from Texas to Napa Valley. It would take you more than a day. Plus, the traffic in Texas is horrendous

I did like Chloe and Parker together. They really developed throughout the story. It was a good/could of been better. This story has a lot of potential. Like any reviewer I don’t like giving lower starred reviews. But I have to be honest about how I felt. The talent is there, I can see why others would totally love this story.

Overall, I give this a Two Boundless Stars.

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